The ALG Approach

For a very long time people have been 'trying' to learn one another's languages. If you ask the average adult who is studying a foreign language if learning is difficult, the answer is usually a resounding yes!

ALG is different. We have made the difficult parts easy. This doesn't mean that things are easy! It can still be very difficult to 'trust' nature to do those things it does best without our active help. Building the foundational understanding in a new language is one of those things.

Our program is designed around levels of experiences, call them 'tours into language' if you will. Each hour of 'touring' is made up of understandable experiences, all taking place in the target language. The goal of the 'tour guide' is to insure that each 'traveler' understands at least 80% of what's going on during each hour.

Nothing could be easier!

Nothing can produce better results!

See Videos of ALG Classes in Thai, Chinese, and Japanese.

Language Growth is natural... much like the growth of a tree. Just as every natural process, fruit is produced at the right time. Focusing on fruit - as in all language programs that want to emphasize speaking, reading or writing - will never produce the desired results. It's not until we focus on the roots that we get the fruit we want.

That's why with ALG our focus is on understanding rather than speaking, reading or writing. For ALG students, speech happens - naturally.