There are a few people who are writing, or have written some very related and interesting papers or books. Look for anything written by: William Powers, Gary Cziko, and Stephen Krashen, as well as the following books and papers:

The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey

Language: The Control of Perception by Joel B. Judd presents a theory for the brain-language connection using Powers Hierarchical Perceptual Control Theory (HPCT).

Excerpt:"Powers’ insight was to emphasize the role of behavior in perceptual control. Likewise, the key starting point for linguistics is to observe that language is just as purposeful as other behaviors. One might argue it is the purposeful behavior, for it is quintessentially human. Language forms the basis for most of our complex interactions with family, friends, colleagues and others. It allows for the possibility of resolving disputes and conflicts without resorting to violence. Although Coulmas’ statement refers primarily to the way languages change over time..."

FROM THE OUTSIDE IN by J. Marvin Brown. This unfinished work by Dr. Brown has two parts. The first part is the story of ALG as a method, and reads in part like an autobiography. It tells the story of how ALG came to be. The second part gives insights into Brown's theory's regarding Physics, how the brain works, as well as other sciences.
FROM THE OUTSIDE IN (PDF files, zipped version, 3.05 mb)

LEARNING LANGUAGES LIKE CHILDREN by J. Marvin Brown, July 1992 and revised in 2001 explains the scientific basis of the ALG Approach.

THE SUCCESS OF SILENCE by Keith Challenger (ELCA and Rangsit University) Adult second language learning has been working hard for a generation with communicative techniques to bring students to the level of fluency. We have tended to attribute any shortfall to not enough speaking practice. This paper is suggesting the opposite: that early speaking is the very reason adults fail to become fluent, further there is a tendency for existing curriculums to undervalue listening skills. Information is given about a program using the natural approach method to teach Thai language, which demonstrates the ideas suggested can be successfully applied. The paper is drawn from research which was originally prepared for a Master of Applied Linguistics dissertation at Macquarie University, Sydney in 1998.
THE SUCCESS OF SILENCE (text file: 36 kb)
THE SUCCESS OF SILENCE (MS Word 97 doc format, 156 kb)

LANGUAGE IN THE BRAIN - A CRITICAL PERIOD? by Jonathan Farra is a research paper written in 1999 which considers the evidence for support of the theory of a critical period for acquiring a second language.
LANGUAGE IN THE BRAIN - A CRITICAL PERIOD? (MS Word 97 doc format, 132 kb)

JUST LET ME TRY TO SAY IT by David Long answers some of the most frequently asked question on the part of students in the ALG Program. More than just a FAQ sheet, this file goes into more detailed explanation of the method in a practical sense.
JUST LET ME TRY TO SAY IT! (text file: 10 kb)
JUST LET ME TRY TO SAY IT! (MS Word 97 doc format, 60 kb)

MIFS - THE MENTAL IMAGE FLASH by David Long. A practical application of the brain theory supporting the ALG Method. This paper addresses some of the main issues the educators and students alike question regarding Practice, Memorization and Testing.
MIFS - The Mental Image Flash (text file: 12 kb)
MIFS - The Mental Image Flash (MS Word 97 doc format, 56 kb)