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Crosstalk Topics

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Title Level Language Subject Related Courses
Cross-stitching Basic English (Basic) Visit Related Course
Surfing Intermediate English (Intermediate) Sports
Japanese Gals and Absurd Street Fashion Advanced Japanese (Advanced) Slang

Booking a table

The huge ...">Eating Out

English (Intermediate) Food
Taste Basic English (Basic) Visit Related Course
Left and right Intermediate English (Intermediate) Sports
The Traditional Japanese Ojigi - Bow Advanced Japanese (Advanced) Business

Having a party

Cake and ...">Events

English (Intermediate) Life
Police Basic English (Basic) Visit Related Course
Martial Arts Intermediate English (Intermediate) Sports


I will begin the class with a brief explanation of the "hiragana" and how Japanese letters are counted ...">The Shiri-Tori Game

Advanced Japanese (Advanced) Games & Sports
Places to visit

beach, mountain or museum

Holiday time

English (Intermediate) Holidays
Color & Clothing Basic English (Basic) Visit Related Course
Bucket Categories English (Basic) Games

I will talk about when it happens, how it happens, and what people do every year in order to ...">Yakubarai and the Superstitious

Advanced Japanese (Advanced) Religion
Bed time stories

Parent and child time

...">Folk Stories

English (Advanced) Children's Stories
7 Eleven Basic English (Basic) Visit Related Course
雨 Rain Basic Japanese (Basic) Weather
The Rhythm Game Advanced Japanese (Advanced) Games & Sports
Holidays Basic English (Basic) Visit Related Course
挨拶 Greetings Basic Japanese (Basic) People
Chopsticks English (Basic) Food
Up & Down Intermediate English (Basic) Visit Related Course
The Tengu Mask and Japanese Monsters (Yokai) Advanced Japanese (Advanced) Belief
Cooking English (Basic) Food
Finding Hidden Items Basic English (Basic) Games Visit Related Course
The Yakuza Advanced Japanese (Advanced) Society
At the fresh market English (Intermediate) Places
Shopping Basic English (Basic)
Life as a Yakusha (actor) in Japan Advanced Japanese (Advanced) Society
A bowl of noodles English (Basic) Food
Love and Hate Intermediate English (Intermediate) Feelings
寿司 sushi Basic Japanese (Basic) Food
All the people



English (Basic) Family
Feeling when in Debt Intermediate English (Basic)


The discussion will then extend into the "shogaku-kou" (elementary school) and the ...">The Manga Bon

Advanced Japanese (Advanced) Children's Stories
At work

things I like about work

A ...">jobs

English (Basic) Life
Gross food Basic English (Basic) Food Visit Related Course
地鶏 Japanese local chicken Advanced Japanese (Basic) Animals
Malls in different countries

The mall vs the fresh market

the mall

English (Basic) Places
Missing your childhood years Basic English (Basic) Feelings
A Midsummer Night's Dream in Japan Advanced Japanese (Advanced) Society
Status symbols

big cars

phones and ...">Appearances

English (Intermediate) People
ไข่ Basic Thai (Basic) Food
Literary Tales Advanced English (Advanced) Children's Stories
Karaoke in Japan Advanced Japanese (Advanced) Games & Sports

My worst teacher

What did I ...">Childhood

English (Intermediate) People
ยาเสพติด Basic Thai (Basic) People
Urban Legends/Ghost stories Advanced English (Basic)
Paying the Rent! Advanced Japanese (Advanced) Society