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Tanabata Festival

04 Jul 2011
Posted by NaokiOkura

I will talk about the Tanabata festival that happens every year on July 7th. 

I will explain the story behind Orihime and Hikoboshi, and how their meeting at Amanogawa (milky way) is recognized as a "summer valentine."


Towards the end, the students will write their wish on the tanzaku, and hang it on the sasa.   

Some pictures. Sasa branch (optional). Origami or tanzaku (optional).

くしゃみ sneeze

20 Jun 2011
Posted by Kenji


Posted by NaokiOkura

This is a discussion about the Japanese Yokai (traditional monsters), that have haunted the nation for centuries. 

The class will focus around the tengu (long-nosed devil), oni (red faced devil) and kappa (the frog man). 

I will talk about my visit to the Takao Mountain (where the tengu and oni have been "spotted").

I will also talk about my experiences at Osore-zan (a spiritual mountain in Japan) if I have time. 

Tengu Mask Pictures