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Children's Stories

Posted by yoshi


Japanese Fairy Tales

29 Jun 2011
Posted by NaokiOkura

This lesson will focus on the Japanese Otogi Banashi - fairy tales.

I will talk about the traditional style of telling the tale (the Kami-Shibai).


Later on I will explain two of my favorite Otogi Banashis.

"Urashima-Taro" and "Kasa-Jizou."

The tenu-gui. Some pictures.

The Manga Bon

21 Jun 2011
Posted by NaokiOkura

I will start my discussion from the "Manga-bon" - a Japanese comic book.


The discussion will then extend into the "shogaku-kou" (elementary school) and the "Undo-kai" (Japanese sports day) - an annual school program that is quite unique to other cultures. 


The second half (or maybe second lesson?) will focus on the adults who enjoy manga/anime.

The anime side of the discussion will talk about old/new animation/manga/video games.

Manga Book Some pictures.