Human tic-tac-toe

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1. Arrange the nine chairs (3 rows of 3 chairs) to form a tic-tac-toe pattern. No one is allowed to talk during the game.
2. The players for each team lines up on the opposite side of the room, an equal distance from the 9 chairs in the middle of the room. One team is the O?s and the other team is the X?s. Determine who goes first.
3. On the signal, the first player for the starting team has 15 seconds to come to the nine chairs, select one, be seated, and form his arms into his team?s symbol?either an ?O? (hands over head) or an ?X? (forearms crossed in front of face). As soon as this player is seated, the signal is given for the first player of the other team to come to the chairs, select a strategic unoccupied one, sit in it, an form his team?s symbol. He too has 15 seconds to complete the process. The teams go back and forth until either the ?X?s? or ?O?s? or ?cat? wins.
4. Count out loud the 15-second time limit. Be sure that everyone is quiet so the count can be heard.

Nine chairs

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