Body Parts

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Hair: Different colors, Different Styles-Flat Top, Mohawk, Perm, Straight, Layered, Bangs/No, Short, Long sideburns, Things you an have done-Highlight, Color, Extensions, Conditioned, Curled, Crimped. Things you can put in your hair-barrettes, rubber bands, scrunchie. Head band, shampoo, conditioners. Way's you. Can wear your hair-braids, ponytail, dig tails hairspray, mousse, gel, egg, mayonnaise. That go wrong lice-Hair falls out with age. Head-Injury is serious, Massage feels good, Head aches, Scalp/dandruff, Elephan+man, Soft spot on baby.
Face-Skin problems, pores T-zone, makeup, cheek bones, chin/dimples, men shave face moustache/beard, goatee? forehead cover with hand so no hairspray.
Eyebrows-Unibrow, bushy, thin, old women paint them on, friend plucked and paint, pluck lxamont comb them, usually match hair, blondes usually pain them, Earring in Eyebrow.
Eyes-colors, bad eyes, different kinds of glasses contacts (colored) 20/20 Vision, Near sighted/Far sighted "Eyes are the windows to your soul" broken blood vessels-girl who got eyeball knocked out by softball found of torture-story of Samson-blind/catardets (blind musicians on the way to school?


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