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Opening. Make Salads, Cut Onions, put coke machine together, stock beer milk wine, Make Salad dressings, Cut lemons, Count $, Fill iced tea, oil.
-Closing. dump Salads, Clean up iced tea, take apart coke machine, Roll silver ware, Clean tables, Sweep Floors, condiments: Fill Coffee, Fill Salt/Pepper, Fill Sugars, Count Tips/tip out for Busboys.
-People put things in food. Lady took napkins and wrapped food. Put in purse. People sneak people in. Football teams share wouldn?t tip pay fat/skinny. Customers fought are chowas. T-bone taff-at a help first things.
Sizzler Fast Food-In-out-Sonic, Bobby Mcgees, claim Jumper, Olive Garden, Hometown Buffet. >>(Hostess 2, Cashier 1, Seners 3, Bus Boys 2, Cooks 2, Salad Bar 3, Dishwasher 1, Managers 2) >>(Fish 4 kinds, Steak 4 siles (top sirloin), Burgers, Cnileer Sandwiches, Salad Bar) Things they put on the table. How they serve you. Seat you/give you menu/Drinks offered. Bring Drinks/Take Orders. Check back/refill drinks. Bring meal/Ask what and iments. Bring condiments and ask if anything else. Cheek back 2 min. Always clear plates and refill drinks. Offer coffee/dessert. Bring comment card and mints say Thank you came Again. (Make sure Bus boy clears table) Pick up Tip!


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