Fun Short Games

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Ball bounce: Have the children stand behind the line and have them try to bounce the balls into the wastebasket.
Heads up 7-Up: Pick 3/4 students to be "it." Have the rest of the children place their heads down on their desk with one thumb up. Then, the students who are "it" pick one person and put their thumb down. Once everyone has selected a person, the people who are "it" come back to the front. The other students raise their heads and have one try to guess who put their thumb down. If they are correct, they switch places, and if they are incorrect they sit down. Once everyone has had a turn to guess, play another round.
Red light Green light: Have all of the students stand in one place and the teacher stands on the opposite end of the students. The teacher calls out either green or red. If red is called out, the students stop. If green is called out, the students run. The first person to reach the teacher wins.
Quiet Touch: 1st player touches an object in the room. 2nd player touches that object and one of his choice. 3rd child touches the first 2 objects in sequence and touches his choice. Game continues until someone messes up the order.
Who is it: Have the child close their eyes and another child says "hello". The child with their eyes closed must guess who said hello.
Who has it: Have the children sit in a circle with one person in the middle with their eyes closed. Give the object to one child. The child in the middle must guess which person has the object.
Peanut and straw game: Have the students compete to put the most peanuts into a cup by sucking them with a straw.

2 small bouncy balls/ peanuts & straws

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