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1. Make a list of the things you do and find in a yard (front or back.) Encourage the students to help think of things they do in their yard.
Things you do: Plant flowers, water the grass, trim hedges, swing, lay in hammock, play ball, play with pet.
Things you see: Grass, flowers, trees, hammock, sports equipment, swing, water hose, dog, cat, etc.
2.Takeempty toilet paper rolls or Styrofoam cups and make cats or dogs by gluing the heads and tails on either end. Students can color the animal, create faces for them, and even name them.
3. Take the students on a field trip outside to the back of the school. Have them collect leaves, grass, and dirt. Return to the classroom and have students paste their objects on a piece of paper and draw the rest of the yard around the glued on objects. Students can make the yards look like their own, and then show the rest of the class.

(*craft book) Styrofoam cups, crayons, dog cut-outs, scissors, glue OR paper, glue, colored pencils or crayons

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