Space (five day theme)

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Day 1 - Introduction to topic (starts, sun, moon, sky, rockets, planets, aliens, earth). Discuss planets in detail. Read book, The Magic Schoolbuis or other space related story. Make planet nametags with the children then have them line up in order of the planets from the sun.
Day 2 - Discuss rockets. Make rocket craft form Art Projects 2 book. Make paper airplanes and hold a contest to see who comes closest to hitting a sun target.
Day 3 - discuss sky, sun, moon and stars. Read creation story from the Bible. Sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". Decorate paper stars with the student's names to hang on the wall.
Day 4 - Discuss Aliens. Make a paer with the student's name and allow them to creat an alien out of it. Put different food items in covered jars and have the students feel each item. Tell them it is Alien brains, guts, toes, eyes, etc. At the end of class, revel the food items and bring enough to share with the class.
Day 5 - Discuss planet earth. Play different relay games with a blow-up globe and also games with the names of continents.

Day 1 - pictures of planets, space related book, paper, crayons, markers, hole-punch, string; Day 2 - paper, pencils, crayons, sun or planet to serve as target; Day 3 - Bible start cut-outs, marker, glue, glitter scissors; Day 3 - paper, crayons, food items, covered jars, plates, napkins; Day 5 - blow up globe

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