Grocery Checkout

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Each item should have a price tag. Students may be divided into teams or play individually. The box or bags should hold all the items only if packed carefully. The goal of the game is to have a cashier and bagger to get the items into the box or bag as quickly as possible, with the right price total and with all the items packed efficiently.

Demonstrate once for the class to see. Discuss the job descriptions of the cashier and box boy. After each team has a chance to play, the whole class can verify to see if the total is the right amount. Vary items so that the total changes but always so that if they're not packed efficiently, the won't fit into the bag or box. A box is best if it has a lid so the lid can be the guage to determine whether everything fits or not.

Calculator, Sample items purchased from a grocery store, cardboard box or bags, timer or stopwatch.

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