Hot and Cold

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Have each person draw 5 hot things and 5 cold things. Collect the papers and discuss what each person drew. Play hot potato.
Examples of cold things: flag pole in the winter, cool water with ice cubes, weather ( high altitudes), A.C., snow (cloud covering), refridgerator, ice cream/popsicle, igloo, north and south pole, frozen pond, Pluto, desert at night time. Affects of cold: fingers fall off, shivering, lips turn purple, goosebumps
Examples of hot things: sand on the ocean (black and white), coffee/tea, weather (Arizonia is hot), frying pan, heater/fireplace, stove, exhaust pipe, iron, curling iron, blow drier, running around, hotwater heater, tea pot, microwave, jacket, Mercury, cigarette. Affects of hot: blisters, sweat, faint

paper, pencils

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