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- Care of Horses: Brush, Shoes, Feed, Breaking/Training, Braid Mane and Tail, Apples/Carrots, Sugar
Cubes, Clean stalls, Bathing, Hoof Polish.
- Horse Equipment: Bridle, Saddle/Pad, Halter, Bits, Blanket, Face Net, Lead Line.
- Walk - tap with leg. Trot- click. Canter/Lope-Dig into back of gut with leg against rail and kick.
- Whoa/noe to stop and pull on reins.
- Trail Riding. Obstacle Courses. Jumping. Horse shows. Cobrs (Pinto Bay Gray ) Horse Breeds (Arabian Thonsug bread Clydesdale Ponies Miniatures.

Pictures of different kinds of horses and yours, if you have any.

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