Birds (Five day theme)

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Day 1 - Introduce topci and discuss different aspects of birds (types, where they live, what they eat, how they're born, etc.). Preview the activities for the week then read a story about birds. (Example, "Tweety and Sylvester"). Lastly, have the students do a bird craft. For example, color a picture of a bird, cut it out and hang it from the ceiling with a string. Day 2 - Discuss ducks and where they live, what sound they make, feet shape, etc. Read a story about ducks (example, "Sam and the Duck"), and do a duck craft. (See Art Projects 2 book). Play Duck, Duck, Goose game. Day 3 - Discuss parrots and what makes them special. (They can talk, bright colors, etc.). Show a picture of a parrot and then have them color one. Play a game by passing out colored cards. Hold up a student's parrot and tell them to hold up a card that matches a color on the parrot picture. Day 4 - Discuss peacocks and what makes them special. (Beautiful feathers and colors). Bring a peacock feather to class if possible. Make peacock craft from "Art Projects 2" book. Encourage students to give the drawing as a gift to a friend. Day 5 - Discuss baby birds and how they are born. Make the baby chick craft from Art Projects 2 book and then pass out "bird-food" to the students.

Day 1: Info. On birds, bird book, bird coloring pg., crayons, scissors, string, tape; Day 2: Duck book, paper plates, duck pg., crayons, scissors, tape/glue; Day 3: picture of a parrot, crayons, parrot coloring picture, colored cards; Day 4: picture of a peacock, plain paper, pencils with erasers, crayons; Day 5: pencils, glue, tissue paper, pre-coppied chick picture, nuts, berries, gummy worms, small cups

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