Bible Animals (5 day theme)

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Day 1 - Tell the story of the Lost Sheep (New Testament). Pass out picture of lamb and have students color then cut out. Help them glue cotton on for the wool. Play follow the shepherd (aka leader) with extra time.
Day 2 - Tell the story of Daniel and the Lions. Have students draw a lion face on the small paper plate and color. Then glue strips of yarn around the edges for lion's hair.
Day 3 - Tell the story of Balaam's Donkey. (Flannel graphs work great on this one). Have students color pre-copied sheets of Eeyore, the donkey. Play pin the tail on the donkey with extra time.
Day 4 - Tell the story of Jonah and the whale. Have students draw a whale on a sheet of paper (following your example on the board. Then have them color the whale only. Have them cut out other marine life from magazines to add to their whale picture.
Day 5 - Tell the story of Noah's Ark. Discuss the different types of animals that were on the ark. Have students tell which is their favorite, then play a game where students must act out the different animals. (Also a good time to sing the "Noah Song".)

Day 1 - precopied lamb sheets, crayons, scissors, glue, cotton; Day 2 - small paper plates, crayons, scissors, glue, yellow or orange yarn; Day 3 - flannel graphs for Balaam's Donkey (optional), crayons, precopied Eeyore sheets, pin the tail on the donkey game (optional); Day 4 - paper, pencils, crayons, magazines (such as national geographic), scissors, glue; Day 5 - pictures of many kinds of animals.

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