The ALG Crosstalk Project

a local network for language and culture exchange           

Communicating is a natural and normal human activity. Crosstalk allows people to communicate across different languages / cultures naturally. In doing so, people acquire language, make new friends and deepen relationships in a fun and easy way. With Crosstalk, people find that communication isn’t about the words and phrases that we speak, but much more basically, it’s about connecting with people. Crosstalk enables you to connect with others by getting language out of the way!

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Crosstalk is the process of communication between two or more people who are communicating with each other in their native languages, using non verbal communication techniques, as necessary, to convey meaning in the conversation.

The Crosstalk techniques are the non-verbal communication techniques used in ALG language learning classes. ALG combines storytelling with these techniques to expose learners to the target language. Traditionally this has been done with two teachers at the front of the class telling stories about personal experiences, items of cultural interest, current news, sport, activities and trends etc.

Dr. Brown originally thought up the process of Crosstalk, in order to help students continue to gain ‘input’ outside of the classroom. He considered the problem his students had was the tremendous pressure to speak placed on them by their Thai friends. He realized that if learners could communicate without having to be dependent on ‘verbal language’ this would help them progress more rapidly in a positive way. Crosstalk allows learners to engage in authentic conversation with speakers of the target language.

Crosstalk techniques can be used for storytelling to a group, interactive storytelling involving two or more participants, or as an addition to conversation to help understanding. Of course, Crosstalk will be utilized less in communication as the level of understanding of the target language increases.

Crosstalk uses communication strategies we are all familiar with and utilizes them in such a way that very high degrees of understanding, involvement, and interest are maintained, in communication where the parties are speaking in their native languages. Crosstalk approaches language acquisition in a way that is completely the opposite of most forms of language teaching as the focus is on communication not on language and not on teaching.ALG (Automatic Language Growth) is a methodology for language acquisition developed to replicate normal, first language development. Based on Stephen Krashen’s Input Hypothesis, the central conceptual difference in practice between ALG and other natural programs is in the application of the belief that speaking occurs naturally given enough input. Therefore the program focuses almost entirely on offering understandable experience (happenings being the building blocks of language). The program does not focus on speaking, and encourages students NOT to speak, until words occur on their own.


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