ALG Levels and how we view them


The ALG program being patterned on the way people naturally acquire language, is designed to enable you to become fluent in a foreign language from a point of knowing nothing of the language to native or near native use. The focus of our program is primarily at the the foundations point of acquisition. As people progress through these levels they acquire what’s needed to take their language use to any level desired.

In real life, there’s no such thing as “levels” really. BUT people automatically adjust their input to the understanding of the listener. This in fact is the driver of our levels (you can learn more about this in our assessment writings)

So to create groups of people, we’ve designed ALG to consist of 10 levels where each level is 200 hours (or less depending on your linguistic and cultural background). These 10 levels are divided into four groups: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. The diagram below shows how each level roughly coincides with the language development of a child in his/her native language.