ALG World Programs

  • Real Life Bangkok – Began January 2013
  • ALG Crosstalk Network – Began October 2012
  • LINK – Language Institute of Natural Khmer – Began 2012
  • Raakgaew School – 1997 to 2004 / 2008 re-opened as Ruen Raakgaew Located just outside of Bangkok, Thailand, The Raakgaew School offered an English program for both children and adults.
  • Meta International School – Began in 2003, Meta International School is located in Nakhon Pathom, and is focusing on developing Chinese, English, and Thai in their students. The foundation of their language program is the ALG methodoloy.
  • AUA Thai Program – Began in 1985, his program is for adult students of the Thai Language and offers a full-range of class levels including Reading and Writing courses. There is also a Japanese Program for both Thai and foreigners here in Thailand.