Automatic Language Growth and 'Study'


Life experience is the greatest teacher we have. Schooling however, has taught us that learning requires hard work and study (mainly to prepare us to be adults who were expected to work in boring routine factory jobs).

At ALG, we believe that learning is as natural as breathing. We are born to learn. Acquiring a language is as natural as most of the other skills we’ve already acquired in our lives.

Do you want to learn using the natural process?
would you rather stay in the hard work and study mode?

These two approaches apparently nullify each other. It doesn’t seem to work well to try to do both at once!

We are creatures of habit, so our habit, when trying to learn a new language is to apply the old school techniques. At AUA, you will gain the most by not using those techniques.

Here are the techniques to use…

Looking – Don’t worry about what you’re hearing. Focus entirely on what’s happening. The more you absorb the full experience, the more meaningful it will be.

Guessing – Guess as much as you can. Don’t worry about what you don’t know. In school, we are taught that guesses are bad. In fact, this is a vital part to the natural learning process. The brain makes several guesses and weeds out the ones that don’t ‘fit’. The more comfortable you become with this process, the more you will enjoy the program.

Take with you as much as possible from every experience. Those who take notes or translate words, (verbally or internally) are only taking away what they could be gaining from the experience.