FAQs about the AUA Thai Program


How much does it cost? The cost details are available at: http://auathai.com/prices There are discounts, and other promotional bonuses as well. When can I begin to study? Our program is not based on terms. Students may begin study at any time. Classes at all levels are always available, except during our holidaysHow do I apply? The application process is simple. Come into our office, fill our a simple basic form, and visit a complimentary class. If after that, you choose to enroll, pay for the number of hours you choose and that’s it. How do I obtain an ED or Student Visa? We can help you with this process. The requirements and conditions are found on our website hereHow long before I begin to speak? Each person is different. By ‘speaking’ we mean the ability to form a unique sentence, without forethought or rehearsal. If you allow the natural process to take place, this generally takes as long as 700 to 1000 hours of input. (Not only input from our program but other ways as well) If you ‘push’ yourself as most adults do, you will speak sooner, with less satisfactory results. This is evidenced the world over in the differences between children and adult language learners. How Do We Measure Progress? We record the hours of attendance, methods of listening,, and understanding of meaning, for each student individually. We also factor in outside influences, other study or sources that help or hinder growth. Based on these things, we calculate the ‘growth rate’ or language acquisition of every student. These assesments are available when a student moves from level to level in the program. The appropriate level for a particular student is determined through consideration of the teachers’ and staff evaluations as well as student self-evaluations.