Level AB 3-4 Guidelines


Levels B 3-4 is a transition level between the Beginner and Intermediate Levels. The format is more advanced than level one, and focuses primarily on stories. The subject matter still changes every day and can be quite challenging at times. (feelings) The level may feel like a big change for you. Many students report it’s a great adjustment. The format will tend towards less games and more stories. The vocabulary increases because you’re understanding is increasing. You will feel frustration when you are in classes you cannot follow. Sometimes, this is due to your focusing on words rather than the whole experience. Sometimes it’s due to an unfamiliar topic. It may be you arrived to class late. Don’t stress. Gain through guessing. You may also be feeling you’ve done things the ‘right way’ according to everything we’ve said, but are the slowest in the class. (pitfalls) The increases of understanding are still enough to carry you forward. Don’t give in to concerns about your inability to speak. There are a growing number of words you understand, but also an even bigger number of words which are foggy or still not clear, even though you understand them in a general context. It’s a mistake to grasp at these sounds and words. (recommendations) Let the foggy words become clear in their own time. This will enable you to avoid the problems of advanced traditional students who are unable to distinguish between words with only slight differences of tone or sound, but with completely different meanings. Also, don’t waste time comparing yourself to other foreigners. This is not only a waste of time, but those who study using other approaches should have different results. One of the main visible differences at this point, is they can say things, and you can’t. Do you want the benefits of fluency? Remember there’s no shortcut, and forcing speaking now will limit your end result.