Level I 1-4 Guidelines


(description) The Intermediate Level is now getting into more abstract and advanced Thai. The classes are generally held within a particular subject for about 6 weeks. Students will feel a jump from Basic to Intermediate just as was felt from B 1-2 to B 3-4. (feelings) Longer plateaus and shorter increases characterizes your feelings at this level. You may wonder if you’ve advanced at all. Many students report a sense things went very well in B 1-4 but not things are not going well at all. It is a time when many students opt to join other programs, study with tutors, or practice on their own. (pitfalls) Getting this far, and becoming impatient is not the way to advance for the most benefits. In fact, you’ve come to a halfway mark, and you can easily get along with whatever you can say already. Don’t let the fact of your not being able to speak be a problem. Don’t follow those who quit. Get in touch with friends from the Advanced Level, write David, email, or visit him in his office. Discuss what you’re feeling with your teachers. (recommendations) Remember language is very complex and it will take time. The reason for a sense of plateaus now is as the amount of language you are acquiring may be increasing at the same rate as in B 1, compared to what you already know, it’s now a trickle. You can never make things go faster by focusing on words and phrases. The principle of experience is still the key – language comes from experiences – not memorized words and phrases. Also, try visiting a Basic Level class – you will be surprised at how much you have improved. You can do this in our classrooms or at http://YouTube.com/algworld.